This is my maiden blog. Sincerely speaking, the purpose is not to trumpet the saga of my creative pursuits.

The real intent is to send heart -felt message across the cross-section of my friends and followers. How intensely I crave for your inputs and critical comments!!! Today, I am not going to write a single line about my passion i.e. rendition of songs and recitations.

Instead, let me permit to divulge before you my priorities and prejudices, confusions and contradictions, virtues and vices, tranquilities and turbulences. My philosophy is very simple. I love to roam freely, eat merrily, laugh with lung out, hate obscenity, argue fiercely over topics, select program judiciously, invite selective friends frequently, oppose wherever there is cruelty. One more thing I must mention that I feel extremely boast about the strategic military might of my motherland.

I do abhor to demean others, detaste cutting raucous jokes, enjoy healthy fun and frolic. Apart from elocution, browsing good books has been my passion. Never I miss to keep myself updated. Always tend to skip horror stories. Suffer from claustrophobia inside closed door, AC train compartment and during air-journey. .....

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